Georgia passes bill to EXPAND gun rights – EPIC!!

Last month, the Georgia state legislature passed a bill that will greatly expand gun rights in the Peach State. For the last several weeks, there has been little word from the governor’s office about when, or if, the governor would sign the bill. If the bill was left unsigned it would automatically take effect later this year. Now we have an answer. According to a Facebook post by the … Read More >

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Amnesty – What Do You Think?

Amnesty And The Center For Immigration Policy Report: “Catch and Release” Obama Style BY CULTURAL LIMITS on MARCH 31, 2014 • ( 0 ) Doesn’t look like a Trojan Horse, but…. One of the hot button issues that has the potential to fracture the TEA party is immigration. … Read More >>


So Long as There IS Punishment…..

Fort Carson: Punishment for soldier's non-salute selfie will be kept secret Officials at Fort Carson in Colorado investigated reports that Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey posted a photo of herself on Instagram deliberately avoiding saluting the flag. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — … Read More >>

ALWAYS have a plan B……

Dearest Gunslingers, As you've no doubt heard, FB doesn't like us.  They don't like any page that even has the word "gun" in the title, much less one that caters to Patriots like ourselves. We built this site so that if FB decides tomorrow to take us out, like they … Read More >>


Be proactive!

I've been quiet, I've watched for a while. I'm seeing trends, and mindsets. We want to wake people up, we want them to get active in getting this country back to the core values of liberty to chose their own path, and the freedom to take it. There are cries of "MOLON … Read More >>