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Best. Screw. You. Letter. EVER. So, piss off, Starbucks.

After the Starbucks-saying-you-can't-lawfully-carry-in-their-buildings bullshite, we haven't been what you'd call fans.  But this?  This is exactly how they should be treated. When one of the largest companies in the United States serves you a “cease and desist” letter, there are various ways to approach it. One way is to give in to any demands in fear of powerful lawyers and millions or … Read More >

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Mushin: Awareness Training

  Matajuro was born into the Yagyu family after their clan had already gained a reputation as talented bugeisha. As a boy, his interest in the art of the blade was encouraged. He proved to be a promising but lazy pupil, in danger of never realizing the limits of his … Read More >>


This Is Why Bra Holsters Suck

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — Police say a 55-year-old southwestern Michigan woman who died after accidentally shooting herself in the head in January was adjusting a handgun in her bra holster at the time. The St. Joseph Public Safety Department is awaiting a full autopsy report in … Read More >>